Although having a site is generally described as simply uploading files to a server and linking a domain to them, the truth is a whole set of services lies beneath any website which you see on the web. Just a few examples would be the ability to create and control databases or email addresses, to access your files using FTP, to check site visitor stats and to manage numerous domain records. All of these things contributes to your online presence in one way or another and if any one of them is missing or is hard to control, the overall management of your website may become irritating. In this light, it is important to not only have total control over your website hosting space and domains, but also to have the ability to manage them easily.
Website Manager in Shared Web Hosting
Our Linux shared web hosting offer a feature-rich Website Manager, which will give you total control over every part of your online presence and you'll be able to handle everything without difficulty. Quick-access buttons will enable you to check out or change the DNS records for every single domain hosted in the account or the WHOIS details for a domain registered through us, to set up a database, an FTP account or an e mail address, to set up a script-driven application, and much more. All these options could be handled using a very intuitive interface, so even in case this is your first website hosting account ever, you will not come across any problems and will be able to do pretty much whatever you desire. The Website Manager comes with a selection of help articles and video lessons that we have prepared in order to make the management of your web presence even easier.
Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Servers
Since all of our semi-dedicated server packages come with a powerful Website Manager tool, you will have 100 % control over all aspects of your web presence. Additionally, the tool is uncomplicated and user-friendly enough to be used by rookies, so even if you're building your first website, you shall not have any problems in managing everything easily and quickly. With only one tool, you shall be able to control every aspect of your online presence which is related in some way to your Internet site. As an example, if a domain name is registered through us, you'll be able to view and modify its WHOIS details, while if it is only hosted, you can update its DNS records. Also you can install a script-driven application, set up an FTP or an email account, create a new database or check out stats for every site. You will find these options in one place and you shall be able to access them with only several mouse clicks through the amazing Website Manager tool.